Let me tell you a story....

Storytelling lies at the heart of my work – whether I'm taking you deep into the Nova Scotia wilderness with a radio documentary, sharing the extraordinary experiences of Atlantic Canadian seniors, writing comics for children, or helping organizations communicate.

I bring a sense of curiosity to my work – always wanting to know more about the subjects I tackle and the people I talk to. And it's led me down some really interesting paths, including meeting PEI's only Major League Baseball player, learning what it takes to become a professional wrestler, and exploring difficult issues related to mental health.

I’m currently working two books. My book celebrating fermented foods and drinks of Nova Scotia is being published by Formac and will be out later this year. I am also writing a book that shows how new understandings of psychosis are revolutionizing treatments and our approaches, from my perspective as the father of a young person who has experienced psychosis. We hear from those embracing their vivid inner voices, parents struggling to live with their kids’ new realities, psychiatrists at the leading edge of early intervention, and people defining their own psychosis and relating to it in complex and novel terms (it’s not “just like having a broken leg”).

In addition to writing, I also offer photography and French-English translation services, and am a trained facilitator and workshop leader.

You can download my full CV here